We remain the workhorse with legendary service in providing builders with stucco / plaster for an economical and proven durable product.   The versatility of the stucco provides a look that can fit different architectural styles.  We spray our stucco and plaster systems to save time and for consistency to deliver the finish product to the end user faster than someone applying it by a hand.

The ability to retain our stucco/plaster business is directly tied to the respect we show to each of customer’s key values. An observant customer may comment how highly they value our hard work and determination to complete a project, while another customer may be out-of-town and rarely show interest in our work ethic. Diversity in key values of our individual customers adds spice to our life and helps us become a better person through sharing those values. Personal service, quality products we apply to a building, training and keep help motivated and finish a project on time.

strawbale construction, stucco services

– Turnkey 3 Coat Stucco System –

Option 1: First 2 Coats, as low as $1.20 per square ft.

  • For the Owner/Builder or Contractor with your own crew and your stucco materials: hire us to Spray on your desired stucco/plaster with an Expert from our crew.
  • We provide all the machinery, equipment, tools, experience and knowledge necessary to properly apply the materials to the walls and to give your project a professional finish.
  • For the Do-It-Yourselfer or General Contractor with a full crew, our current bid price for plastering you’re nearly finished project is as low as $1.20 per square foot of wall surface for the two base coats! Pricing may vary on the type of texture and materials used for the finish coat.

strawbale construction, stucco services

– Multiple Finishes To Choose From –

Option 2: Turn Key 3 Coat Stucco System

  • Our crew can install a 3 coat stucco system on your own straw bale and/or any type of wall system for you. The price will range from $5 – $10 per sq. ft. of wall surface.
  • Once we have a contract, SBC LLC will provide the experience, tools, equipment, materials and labor necessary to apply 3 coats on your structure.
  • With this option, we will extend a one year warranty on the workmanship in addition to any warranties provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the materials.

Shoot us a call, text on our mobile devices: 1-303-905-4282.

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