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Based in the high country of Colorado, Strawbale Construction L.L.C. (SBC) has been in the strawbale construction business for the past 23+ years. We have sprayed stucco/plaster on over 400 plus strawbale residential and commercial buildings in Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas.


It is important that the stucco/plaster system is applied correctly and consistently, and we can do that for you! We also provide many different types of design/build details and trade tips for you or your architect, engineer and/or General Contractor, provided we have a contract for the stucco/plaster work on the project. We also spray or hand apply conventionally built buildings and other alternative building types such as Earthships. We provide the Bid Form & Subcontractos agreement which is a Proposal for Time & Material Plus the price per square foot cost $1.40 to apply NHL (lime) or UBC complaint stucco,, and to hand trowel the finish coat onto the imside/outside walls.

Check with us to see if we will travel to your area… there is a good chance we will!

Three things that make us stand out:


Tony Caniglia and his crew of subcontractors provide the specialized machinery, experience and knowledge necessary to build and apply the materials to the walls. We give your project a professional finish, and we keep you on schedule!

We provide authentic beauty and a commitment to finish what we start… we are there until it is done and we are committed to providing a finish you can be proud of.  Let us do the hard work!


We have meet some great folks and trained over a thousand people to help build & plaster the 400 straw bale homes and commercial buildings we’ve been involved with. Many strawbale home owners enlist their family and friends or other laborers to partake in the building process… and rarely have any of them ever worked on a straw bale house before. Luckily, our leadership allows us to guide each person on the jobsite into a well rehearsed production of straw bale construction.

Each person helping on a jobsite becomes versed in at least one (but frequently many) areas of the construction phase. Stacking straw, preparing the structure for stucco, troweling, mixing mud, masking, moving scaffolding, cleaning up… you name it. We will help you and your friends feel like the builders you always wanted to be. All while saving you money!


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– Home Sweet Home –

We and other proud strawbale home owners have realized that strawbale homes create warm memories for a lot of people when they spend any amount of time in our homes.

The rich appearance in the plaster creates a sophisticated look with an added dimension and depth that is quickly admired by visitors. Built in benches or exposed “truth windows” are things that most other homes lack, but people never forget. I like to impress visitors by having them smack the plastered walls so they can hear how solid the walls sound. You don’t get the same effect from a stick built house!

Our houses are remembered for WHAT they are… not just where they are.

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Phone: (303) 905-4282 • Email: info@strawbaleconstruction.com • Mailing: PO Box 477 Alma, CO 80456.



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