Design Services

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– Design Touches: Custom Truth Windows –

97% of the time most people want a customized floor plan. If you have a floor plan already you have Two Options.

Option 1 You can use our engineer (License Colorado) to help create your blueprints.

  • To Start Custom Floor Plans and engineering.
  1. 10% is due upfront to start drafting a plan. The scope of service, drafting, engineering and specifications produced on AutoCAD shall include:
  • Structural wall plans
  • Structural details required for construction
  • Coordination meetings.

*A more detailed contract in the Structural engineering proposal is necessary.




Option 2  You can use our Wall Section detail to help your architect/engineer with the straw bale wall section detail. This makes a great choice for its low cost, so your draft person does not have to reinvent the wheel. The straw bale details are revised and compatible with the basic home construction methods and components for construction purposes.

Whether your design is simple and basis or an intricate post and beam structure, we will help organize and define what it is that you are exactly looking for.

We strongly believe that the planning stage of any project is the most vital for overall success and efficient construction in a timely manner. The more organized we can all be before we start building, the better everything will come together.


  • To Start Custom Floor Plans

Build Services

- Efficient Building Techniques -

– Efficient Building Techniques –

Our building services are designed for the General Contractor, Project Manager, Home Owner or Superintendent who will oversee the project.

Want to save money by building your home yourself? The truth is, many home buyers who are financially able to purchase a new home, are prioritizing affordability and reasonable monthly operating costs.

All of our efforts are to ensure all of the products and materials we use are in line with your long term environmental and financial goals. Why not choose ‘green’ products that are healthier for your family and the environment at the same time?


Correcting mistakes can be expensive and stressful. We specialize in the design, and build the buildings so the bales will have a tight friction fit, which gives the building 19” thick walls for a superior thermal and acoustical properties.

A property owner can save 10%-25% in building costs just by being the General Contractor for their own project, and then hiring us as sub-contractors to help erect the shell and get the building weather tight with our stucco services.

  • This service is for those that want to take advantage of our experience, knowledge and team, or don’t have the extra hands available. A basic starter home shell can take a week or two to get dried in. Our skilled and insured team is well worth the estimated cost of $6,000 a week.
  • We have worked on over 400 plus straw bale buildings and have experience coordinating the project details with other professionals on these job sites.
  • Our methods have been modified over 20+ years based on our experience and feedback from other builders and sub-contractors and have been perfected for your benefit.
  • We build both Residential and Commercial Structures.
  • Once the shell is up and ready, the new owner can complete the interior on their own and at their own pace, or they can hire local sub-contractors to help with the interior framing, electrical, plumbing, sheetrock/finish coats etc. to finish the building to their needs and tastes.

Stucco Services

- Many Color & Texture Choices -

– Many Color & Texture Choices –

Stucco/Plaster is a weather resistant barrier. The stucco wrap used under the stucco/plaster on the exterior walls is also breathable product and is water resistant to help protect the bales.

Building codes in certain areas of the country requires the the interior walls be sealed with a air/vapor material. A sealer or wax can be used over limestone plaster or stucco to seal the walls. There are also numerous finishing textures as well as colors to choose from.

We can work together to make sure the finishes touches make your house feel like a home.


Option 1. First 2 Coats, as low as $1.40 per sq. Time and Material

We apply our stucco and plaster systems for consistency.  We will send out a Bid form & Subcontractor Agreement between Owner/Contractor and us the Subcontractor (Strawbale Construction L.L.C.) upon request.

  • For the Owner/Builder or Contractor with your own crew and your stucco materials: hire us to apply on your desired stucco/plaster with an Expert from our crew. Strwbale Construction hearby recommends the use of expansion joints.  Base coats, Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) base coats or UBC complaint stucco (pre-blended) with embedded mesh between base coats.  Finish coat interior & exterior we will provide a sample panel on site.  Contact us for photos of the different types of finishes you can use.
  • We provide all the machinery, equipment, tools, experience and knowledge necessary to properly apply the materials to the walls and to give your project a professional finish.
  • For the Do-It-Yourselfer or General Contractor with a full crew, our current bid price for plastering your nearly finished project is as low as 70 cents per coat, per square foot of wall surface, or $1.40 per square foot plus T&M of wall surface for the two base coats!
  • For this low price, the Owner/General Contractor just needs to provide the materials (we can help estimate the amount needed), a crew of at least 2 or 4 workers (depending on the size of the project), and a structure that is prepped and completely ready for stucco.
  • This price is based on an 8 foot high wall, and may be slightly higher for taller walls.
  • A builder using their desired framing system can hire us to apply their desired stucco/plaster.
  • We may provide consultation regarding the stacking of the bales, and the prepping of the system (such as applying roofing felt, control joints, casing bead, lath and netting, masking, caulking, etc.)
  • Applying these materials correctly and in a certain order is a necessary step in the preparation process. o For an additional $47/ hour, one of our experienced subcontractors can help with the framing, stacking, prepping, lathing, masking, troweling etc. of your building. Our experience can prove to be very valuable to you!

Option 2: Turn Key 3 Coat Stucco System

  • Our crew can install a 3 coat stucco system on your own straw bale and/or any type of wall system for you. The price will range from $6 – $15 per sq. ft. of wall surface.  Base coats, Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) base coats or UBC complaint stucco (pre-blended) with embedded mesh between coats.  Finish coat interior & exterior we will provide a sample on site.  Contact us for photos of the different types of finishes that you can use.
  • The actual price depends on the height of the building and the time of year. Tenting and heating will be required if the temperatures are too low and this adds an extra cost, for example.
  • High end products, such as Limestone, Venetian, Ecomortar, or Eastern plasters, could increase the cost as well.
  • Once we have a contract, SBC LLC will provide the experience, tools, equipment, materials and labor necessary to apply 3 coats on your structure.
  • With this option, we will extend a one year warranty on the workmanship in addition to any warranties provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the materials.

Please Note:

We also do stucco/plaster repairs, remodels, damaged walls repairs, and additions to existing houses. We would be happy to send you more detailed information for these services and next steps with a free consultation. CONTACT US with your information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.