strawbale construction, design services

– Custom Floor Plans Available –

Changing with the times, the designs for new home-buyers / builders have reset functional and aesthetic expectations as housing recovery takes hold. Younger home-buyers are prioritizing affordability of a home’s value and monthly operating costs.

We provide useful information all related to helping you design, build and live healthy in one of the most interesting, exciting, safe and environmentally sane housing system around.

  • To get started with the design of a floor plan, just call us now so we can set up time to talk to the draftsman. Please gather any ideas you may have for your design, whether it be a drawing you drew up on a napkin, to a photo out of a magazine, to some floor plans you may have found online. Keep in mind what is essential to his and her needs in your floor plan. It be could needing lots of storage, an area for entertaining, disabilities, the overall size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 10% ($2000 min.) of a Kit Package is due upfront to start drafting a plan.
  • strawbale construction, design services

    – Full Set Plans Provided –

  • Developing your preliminary drawings may take about 2 weeks. In the preliminary drawing you will able to review the front elevation of the building and the first and second floor plans. Once the preliminaries are finalized.
  • The final scope of services in drafting and the structural specification details may take 2-4 weeks for 2 sets of plans (time may vary depending on size and complexity).

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